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Queen Gregory understands each project presents different opportunities and challenges. Collaborating with the director, producer and client Queen will achieve a look to keep everyone pleased.

  • Based on the overall look and feel of the project Queen  will create mood boards to facilitate a wardrobe discussion with decision makers.

  • Contact the talent to generate a size sheet.

  • Shop, rent, pull or create pieces to create the look.

  • Hold fittings with talent, photograph various looks to submit to appropriate people. Based on notes, if needed, make necessary adjustments to each talent’s look.

  • Maintain continuity on set.

  • Wrap out - return unused items, create an inventory list and submit receipts to production

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Looking to update your image? Whether you want a new look for a: big event, honeymoon, vacation, new job, or just because, Queen can help! 


The image consultation includes:

  • Discussing the look the client wants to achieve. Then creating a mood board to with reference and inspirational images.

  • Based on the images, I’ll evaluate the existing items in the client’s closet. Noting what items will work to create the new look.

  • Shopping session, depending on the client’s schedule, Queen can shop by herself or with the client.

  • Fitting, try on purchased items and match them existing pieces in the client’s closet.


The length of the project varies based on the client’s needs.

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